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  • Submersible pump

  • Sewage pump

  • Pipeline pump

  • Multi-stage pump

  • Centrifugal pump.

To protect, and control the water level and pressure of the above pumps.


  • Operation: Auto/Manual mode to choose, "Store" essential function to use more efficiently, one key to reset all data.

  • LCD screen: High light, low energy consumption, clear display under strong sunlight. The running situation and fault message of the pump and controller are displayed directly on the screen.

  • Data displayed: Manual mode, auto mode, run, dry run, overload, under voltage, over-voltage, stalled, open phase, (only for 3 phase type), no caliber, no water.

  • Protection function: No matter Auto or Manual mode, the controller can protect the pumps from over voltage, under voltage, open phase (only for 3 phase type), overload, stalled, and dry run.

  • Control switch: Water level probe, float, pressure tank, and pressure switch.

Technical parameters:

  • M38: (3phase / 0.75kW ~ 7.5kW)

  • M48: (1phase / 0.37kW ~ 2.2kW)

  • M98: (3phase / 0.75kW ~ 15kW)

  • Voltage: 220V (1phase) / 380V (3phase)

  • Frequency: 60Hz

  • Distance: ≤200m

  • Degree of protection: IP22


  • Single phase controller up to 2.2kW with built-in capacitor

  • Three-phase direct-on-line starting controller for up to 15kW

  • Easy operating, 24-hours duty

  • Labor-saving and energy saving

  • (Great benefit under correct operation)

  • M18-D: (220V / 0.25kW ~ 2.2kW) 1phase

  • M28-C: (380V / 0.55kW ~ 7.5kW) 3phase


  • Single-phase starters are used for manually starting the pump

  • Single-phase automatic controller.

    • Water level control is completely automatic, works without adjustment are easy to install and use.

    • Circuit diagram of water level control with anti-high-voltage design

    • Voltaic wires of the circuit diagram are connected by cottage grafting. It's convenient for maintaining and replacing.

  • M28 - Three-phase controller

    • Water level control is completely automatic, works without adjustment, easy to install and use.

    • The water level control electrode wire can be controlled by three poles, just like the traditional products, so it can be completely replaced by the same series of products. Equipped with a specialized potential divider, two lines three poles control can save 33% to 55% level electrode wire and improve the control reliability.

    • With a reliable motor open-phase protection function, using automatic catch from the power source to the motor interior, if any phase conductor break or get loose, shutdown and self-locking will occur within two seconds. It efficiently prevents the motor from burning itself down and stops the expanding error.




  • With automatic level control

  • No interference with other equipment

  • M88: (380V / 15kW ~ 75kW)

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